Building Demolition Projects

The old Albion School was becoming a liability for the city. The building had many problems including an asbestos containing roof that was in danger of collapsing. We helped the city secure a $60,000 grant to demolish the building and mitigate asbestos. The City provided about $112,000 of cash to help complete the project. The site is a future location for civic or private improvement activities.

Traer Municipal Utilities has a 70 year old power plant that is adjacent to the city and municipal utility offices. The large building is in very deteriorated condition. The city wants to remove the asbestos containing material before a roof collapses or another catastrophic event. We helped the city secure a $24,890 IDNR grant to help with asbestos mitigation.

Funding is available for some small city demolition and commercial rehabilitation projects, so contact us if your city has interest in a project.