Region 6 Transportation Grant Funds Available

Region 6 Resource Partners will be accepting applications for the FY 2022 to 2025 Region 6 Transportation Improvements Program. The estimated available federal transportation Surface Transportation Program grant funding that is not obligated/approved for any projects is about $136,000 in FY 2022, about $1.1 million in FY 2023 and 2024, and $2.5 million in FY 2025. We are especially looking at funding projects in FY 2023 to 2025. Please note that the local government priority for most of the transportation funds are road improvements, but some of the above funds must be used for the transportation alternatives group. The amount that is not obligated/approved for current transportation alternatives projects is about $178,000 from FY 2022-2025.

Eligible activities for the transportation fund include these three groups:

Road/Highway and Bridges Group

  • Road projects must be on roads with a federal functional classification of Minor Collector or higher in rural areas, all Farm-to-Market routes, and Collector or higher in Marshalltown, Iowa Falls, and Grinnell.  Please contact Marty Wymore to determine whether a project is eligible.
  • Every project must have a licensed engineer to assist with the federal aid process. 

Transit Group

  • Acquisition and rehabilitation of transit vehicles, buildings, and other capital equipment.

Transportation Alternatives Group

  • Transportation alternatives activities.  The projects shall include recreational trails; infrastructure and non-infrastructure safe routes to school projects; historic preservation of historic transportation facilities; construction of turnouts, overlooks, and viewing areas; and other allowed transportation alternative program activities.  Contact Region 6 for a full list of eligible projects. Use this application for the TAP projects – Region 6 Staff is available to assist with application preparation. A licensed engineer or architect must be involved with the application and later grant administration process.

Please send the applicable application for the Region 6 Transportation program by 4:00 p.m., March 18, 2021, to Marty Wymore, Region 6 Resource Partners, 903 E. Main Street, Marshalltown, Iowa 50158; telephone 641-752-0717; or email   Applicants who are not very familiar with this funding are strongly encouraged to contact Region 6 to review their project(s).  Applications will be reviewed by the Region 6 Transportation Committee in late March 2021.

We are here to assist you in accessing these funds for qualified projects.

TAP Application:

Region 6 Transportation Application Form: